Fremantle Arts Centre
Fremantle, Western Australia

By Tarryn Gill, Thea Costantino and Pilar Mata Dupont for Hold Your Horses

Composition & Musical Direction: Tim Cunniffe
Lyrics: Thea Costantino
Photography: Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont
Dora: Lara Vocisano
Freud: James McNeill
Dora’s father: Robert Hofmann
Dora’s mother: Alinta Carroll
Dora’s brother: Clint Strindberg
Frau K: Penny Shaw
Herr K: Brendan Hanson
Cousin: Rabiya Plush-Noad
Governess: Maree Cole

Sound Recording: Lee Buddle, Anthony Cormican and Troy Nababan at Crank Recording
Sound editing and mix: Lee Buddle and James Hewgill.
Video editor: Justin Barnes
Lighting design: John MacFadyen
Furniture Provided by Lauder and Howard
Make up and hair artist: Sheridan Gill
Food artist: Justin Strange
Graphic and film title design: James Hensby
With thanks to: Jill Gill, Kim Tran and Hugh Thomson
The Soloists (A Case Study)

Working with WA composer Tim Cunniffe, The Soloists (a case study) is a choral adaptation of Freud’s famous ‘failed’ case, Dora. Dora is an eighteen-year-old ‘hysteric’ hopelessly entangled in the destructive relationships of her family and their intimate friends. Freud’s attempts to enact a cure are thwarted by Dora’s ability to elude the analysis. In The Soloists, the testimonies of each character within the case study compete within a sound world made entirely of human voices.