Tarryn Gill & Theo Costantino: In Therapy

Cool Change Contemporary
Perth, Western Australia

Photographs by Tarryn Gill
In Therapy: Exhibit A

Tarryn has experimented with generating artwork using Active Imagination - a Jungian technique where the conscious mind engages with imagery and ideas generated by the unconscious. The collection of small studies presented, made with the materials of her dance school youth, appear almost as though Tarryn has tipped out the contents of her mind and laid them out for inspection – in the way one might interrogate the collection of items accrued in their handbag. Tarryn has attempted to make the unconscious visible and concrete as a means for better understanding the self and finding new ways forward.
Tarryn’s Family Tree is part of an ongoing series of hand-stitched sculptural gods and monsters that are designed as uncanny talismans to protect the dead and also drive away evil. This particular work takes the form of a monstrous Christmas tree, conjuring familial bonds and ritual in a darkly humorous way.

This exhibition stages a conversation between the works of two artists with a long history of friendship and collaboration, reflecting on changes and challenges in personal life, identity and relationships. The title is a playful nod to our shared investment in mental health and the influence of psychoanalytic concepts in our art practices; using the framework of a therapeutic conversation the exhibition explores autobiographical content such as dreams, memory, trauma, gender, relationships, existential issues and spirituality.

This project was supported by the WA Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.