By Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont

Winning work for the 2010 Basil Sellers Art Prize:

Production photographs by Kim Tran

Film, 4:07 min

Director of Photography & Editor: Justin Barnes
Performers: Tessa Anderson, Oda Aunan, Maree Cole, Thea Costantino, Matthew Davies, Alexandra Enright, Thomas Enright , Tristan Feihn, Sheridan Gill, Arielle Gray, Sherry-Anne Hayes, Kristy Hingston, Jacqui Howell, Christopher Isaacs, Lucas Mata, Steve Mattioli, Lily Newbury-Freeman, Brett O’Mara, Jennifer Phillips, Chloe Potter, Tim Watts
Film Title Design: James Hensby
Music: ‘Girls In Grey’ by Charles Williams
Publisher: Chappell Recorded Music Library
Music Editor: Ash Gibson Greig