Solo Exhibition

Art Gallery of South Australia,
Adelaide, Australia

Installation views 2019, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide; photographs: Saul Steed

On display for the first time since their acquisition following the 2016 Adelaide Biennial, The Art Gallery of South Australia presented Guardians, a series of sound-emitting soft sculptures which were inspired by a residency at the Freud Museum in London.

Mixed media (inc. foam, various hand stitched fabrics, stockings, speakers, mirrors, battery operated LEDs, electroluminescent wire, Sculpey, artificial hair, artificial human teeth, artificial cat eyes, brass paws, plastic gem stones, beads, fringe trimming, sequins, glitter and cotton lace yarn)
Flocked plinths.

Sound design: Tom Hogan
Speakers located inside 9 of the sculptures
14 channel audio
Duration 11 minutes 26 seconds looped