10 year survey exhibition

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
Perth, Australia

By Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont
Ever Higher 

Film, 11:03mins
Made at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts during the STADIUM exhibition.

Composer: Ash Gibson Greig
Director of Photography: Tim Fay
First Assistant Director: Amanda Clarke
Cheerleading Choreography: Jakky Bolt
Aerial Choreography: Kristina Dzelmanis
Costume Design and Construction: Ingrid Zurzulo
Hair Direction: Nakia McDonald

Leader: Kristina Dzelmanis
Bianca Beaumont, Natalie Burgess, Cara Eastman, Hannah Holder, Briony Keenan, Amber Mangu, Stefany O'Meara, Nicole Pugliese
Wrestlers: Michelle Buckle, William Groucutt
Bodybuilder: Steve Mattioli

Lighting Design: Andrew Beck and Tim Fay
Editor: Adriel Bong
Colourist: Tim Fay
Sound Design: Alex Cahill
Camera Assistants:
Suzie Cox, Steve Fleming, Lachlan Gregory, James Hensby, Justin Locke
Boom Operator: Felix Thoran
Film Title Design: James Hensby

Thank you:
Leigh Robb and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Aalto Paint, House of Ernest, City of Perth, The Perth Angels, Fit2Cheer, Camera Electronic.

This work was created with the support of the Western Australian government through the Department of Culture and the Arts.
Filmed on location at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.